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Published 1958

This is a pamphlet 'Better Living With Your New General Electric Freezer'; dated 1958; by GE Electric Company, Louisville 1, Kentucky. No Copyright registration found for this item. Dimensions are 5 1/2" width by 8 1/2" height and weight 78grams. Public Domain Under Rule 5 of the United States Copyright Statutes. Etext created by Gerard Arthus.

Publisher Gerard Arthus
Year 1958
Language English
Book contributor Gerard Arthus
Collection arthusgerard; additional_collections


Reviewer: garthus - - September 23, 2009
Subject: Historical Archive for service manuals a necessity
Unfortunately, there is no archive for these materials and I do have a rather extensive collection (over 12,000 pages) if I can get them up on the archive.
Reviewer: Time Traveller - - September 23, 2009
Subject: Nothing like this nowadays
Today you are lucky to get a single folded A4 of information with a new Freezer.

This manual comes from the good old days us oldies remember fondly, today, it costs too much to provide decent documentation, I mean, the good old days are gone, because everybody expects an enormous return with their investment in appliance manufacturing shares.

Anyway, this manual applies to most brands of freezer, even today's freezers.

More of this is needed on the Archive, I always say, if you want to know how something works, the best information comes from the past, pre late '60s